Vietnam Tour Guide

Certain Things That You Should Do When You Visit Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam is one of the most progressive countries that you can find in Asia. Even after their dark pass and generation they have risen up all on their own, and it is mainly due to its people. In this present day, Vietnam is now one of the best travel destinations in Asia, where they have a lot of exotic foods and location that you will surely appreciate and adore. Most of their buildings have a nice mix of eastern and western culture that not only looks amazing but breathtaking as well. And the best part about traveling to Vietnam is its people, where you will be greeted with amazing hospitality that will never forget.


The best city that is deemed as the best tourist ho chi minh city attractions in Vietnam, with vibrant and active street life and beautiful buildings, coupled with warm sunny and vibrating weather every single day, you will surely not regret planning your next traveling destination in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. But Ho Chi Minh is not only all about the destination but it is the adventure that you will most likely appreciate when traveling to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh. With many sightseeing spots and architectures to visit, that your visa traveling limit may not be enough if you would love to see and experience them all.


In this article we will mainly focus on talking about the all time best tourist spots that you should visit and activities that you should experience in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. One of the best tourist spot that you can find in Ho Chi Minh is the Dam Sen Park, where you will be greeted at the entrance with amazing infrastructures and different rides that you will surely enjoy. Dam Sen Park is an exclusive amusement park in Ho Chi Minh that not only have rides that you can enjoy but a water park as well that you can take a plunge and get cooled down with their water slides and humongous pools. There are also a lot of western colonial architectures that you should visit as well in Ho Chi Minh, and the best places is the Saigon Opera House, Cu Chi Tunnels, Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Independence Palace. A very good thing about Ho Chi Minh is that if you want to eat then you can just basically walk like 20 steps and you are already in front of either a restaurant or a street food hawker where they serve amazing top quality foods that can top even the finest restaurants. And the best part about it is that they are relatively cheap. Know what to do in ho chi minh here!


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